1. Roy Afzalkhan Ramdjan,

    Girmit time in the Caribean after the end of the slavery in 1863..
    My grand grand parents came from Calcutta, is transported by the ship John Davie on 2 november 1887 to the Dutch colony Suriname in the Caribean. My grand grand mother family comes from Luckhnow UP transported by the ship Lala Rookh also to the Dutch colony Suriname, and a lot of them is transported to the Britisch Guyana…a lot of them they dont no where there families are, divided, very sad…

  2. Hare Krishna, Hi There I’m in need for the history of my ancestors don’t have any evidence. Any suggestions how to easily it could be obtained please.
    Any suggestions Please.
    Thanks so very much in advance.
    Hare Krishna

    • Hi Shital, for any research there needs to be a starting point, talk to older family members, start documenting that and go from there.

  3. I heard all the stories from my parents on my mother and father’s side. the brutality and horrors endured by our ancestors were dehumanizing. My grandparents on both sides along with my parents are all gone, we only have their stories left but it is about survival what they sacrificed for all of us, and how we can help to keep their dreams of a better future for all our children and future generations alive.

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