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Paper series Part 1- 3 by Dr Kamlesh Sharma, Canberra.
3 May 2009.

Discovering Indian Roots Part 1

Discovering Indian Roots Part 2

Discovering Indian Roots Part 3



Dr Kamlesh Sharma is originally from Korovuto, Nadi, Fiji and all his publications are for charitable purposes with major beneficiary being the Fijian NGO – Lautoka Sugar Festival Association.

All of Dr Sharma’s books mainly focus on Fiji which are based on his personal experiences while growing up in a poor sugarcane farming community.  Dr Kamlesh Sharma authored “Gulaami – Slavery In Fiji”.  Gulaami documents the experiences of a Girmitiya (Indentured Labourer) in Fiji who is originally from the village of Devadeha in the district of Basti in Uttar Pradesh. The reinvented slave trade of the mid 1850s by the British resulted in the removal of hundreds of thousands of Indians from their motherland, India and transplanted against their wishes in the British colonies (including Fiji) across the globe.

In the South Pacific setting, slavery in Fiji is a story of the forgotten stolen generation right in the backyard of countries such as Australia and New Zealand. The story of Gulaami is about the ancestors of the Fiji Indians who sacrificed so much for the betterment of Fiji and the emergence of the Fiji Indian society, who are still struggling for equality and justice in the only country that they have known since their birth, Fiji.

I am indeed very grateful to Dr Sharma for his support toward this website, I am thankful that Dr Sharma donated toward the hosting of this website for 2 years.  Dr Sharma kindly allowed me access to his works and articles which I have published on this website.